Saturday, January 31, 2009

McBlog - Exhibit Mc"A"

McDonaldland, where burgers grow on greenery. Where a man is felon for being a little bit of a glutton -- probably because the burgers he's snatching with ill intentions have eyes and mouths, which would make his over exuberant acts of hunger homicide.

The mayor is a giant, high cheek boned (bun cheeks nonetheless) cheeseburger and the long arm of the law of this corrupt little villa is an even bigger, who's choice of weapon was a whistle. Not to mention his outfit would suggest he was previously employed by The Queen.

Then there's Ro-Mac's feathered friend, who would rather have been a pilot than a bird....what?! Lest not be forgotten the long-wobbly-legged, googly eyed (for which corrective lenses are apparently not the solution) Rastas, who....well I'm still not sure what they're story is.

Last but not least, "Lickety-Split...Barbatrick!". Was Grimace the long lost cousin of the famed form-changing family or a just a first crack at another pear-shaped purple predator?

And with that, my latest theme, the McDonaldland gang. Enjoy.

I was much more satisfied with my last take on Mayor McCheese, but I figured I'd throw this one in and give it some playing time before I send it into the abyss of forgotten whackness.

Flatfoot here was done in Vermillion, my new favorite col-erase pencil. Just the right glide to it.

Once I play around with the designs some more and happy with them I'm eventually going to try some new coloring techniques I've been messing in Photoshop. Some Little Golden Book throwback type bizz.
That's coming soon, but I'll have some more McDrawings before then.

Come back soon.


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