Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Z-Files: Chapter 4our

A Day In The Life Of Ezekiel Moore...

"The Babysitters"

When Pops goes away, Zeke gets to play.
That means it's time to visit with Auntie Christine and Uncle Ted.

There he gets to eat in the kitchen.

He gets to take souvenirs from the kitchen.

They go for long walks on the beach.

A run in the park.

Well, more a like a 30 - 40 yard dash. Good enough.

They take funny pictures.

Then Zeke gets to relax for a quiet evening at his home away from home. And though he's enjoyed his day immensely, as the day comes to an end he stares his sitters down, wondering when it's time to go to his real home.

Life is tough. Unless your name is Ezekiel "Zeke" Moore.


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