Monday, August 11, 2008

seanYe is fo' the Owlkids

By no means was I a dedicated TV Ontario watcher, but I was certainly an Owl TV watcher. Why wouldn't a subscribed Owl magazine reader be? But truth be told there was one reason and one reason only to catch Owl TV regularly - The Mighty Mites.
Ordinary kids who were secretly extraordinary. Pre-Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the Mighty Mites would explore nature up close and personal by shrinking down to the size of a..well, mite.

Imagine my excitement when Owlkids, the magazine that spawned such ingenius children's programming called on your boy S-Dot to contribute in the October '08 issue of Chirp Magazine. Needless to say I accepted.
The theme of the Issue is "Let's Pretend" and I had to come up with a 4-page short story and illustrated spread based on that theme.

Along came Marcus...and of course the star of the story, Jerome.


Every night before bed Marcus tugs on Jeromes lonely ear, for he has only one, and in the blink of an eye(or the tug of an ear) they are travelling where most of us have only dreamed of dreaming of.
As you can see I took a different approach with the final art stage. I cleaned the rough scans in PSCS with solid, vector looking self trace lines.


But I still colored outside of the lines to maintain the style of my books. Although I would consider coloring one of my next books this way, I'm not quite sold on the technique as yet. I like drawing and the look of a final line drawing too much.

Here are some images of the possible layout of the final piece. Mark October down on your calenders.

What about Peace? Peeeeeeaaace!

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