Monday, August 11, 2008

Chapter One for Three

A month or two after it's pud date I had heard of Chapters sightings around town. Something I was well aware of but had never seen, EVER!

Unlike Duthie, Oscars, KidsBooks, Hagar, Mables Fables and so on, although the first two books were immediatly in the Chapters system and available on-line they were never actually sold in store. So I was very excited to find out that Yellow Blues had made the jump from digital to physical.

When i finally got a chance to check it out and see it live and in person it was everything I had imagined. Third shelf from the top, face out(which is huge), 10 or 12 copies with the spine sticking out slightly further out than the surrounding books (good call T) and the laminate cover shining in all of it's glory. So my plan was to return in a week or so and take a few pics for my own records and for the blog. Unfortunately by the time a returned two weeks later, the face out copies had been turned in and placed in their rightfully alphabetical place.

Camera-less at the moment, I asked a Chapters employee at my local store if she would take a few shots for me with a store camera and ask the manager if she could email them to me. They were very helpful and I even offered to sign some copies while I was there - hence the signed by author sticker. The pictures don't show it but I promise those are Chapters shelves.

You'll also notice that YBs has been stickered by Canadian Family Magazine(red sticker), which is apparently something they rarely do.


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