Monday, August 11, 2008

Planets and Tikis and Islands, OH MY!


I've always had this fascination with Tiki Culture. From the history of it to how it's been portrayed by different artists and in different cartoons. One of my favorite satirical portrayals is in Episode 2 of the original "George of the Jungle" series entitled "Ungawa, the Gorilla God". George takes on a giant Gorilla to save his friends. The whole fight is set up like a wrestling match and the ring announcer is one of the jungle's natives in his traditional garb and mask but with a 50's ring announcer, New York accent - "In dis corner, standing 6 fut and weighing in at two-hunned 'n' fitty pounds, George a da Jungle!"

Anyway, here is some art from a pitch that I submitted to the "B" for development back in April. Initially it seemed to attract a little bit of attention, get some laughs and start some chatter around the studio. But in the end they decided they weren't interested in pushing it to the networks. C'est la vie!

The unnofficial title for now is "Planet Iki Island". A dimwitted astronaut crash lands his ship back on earth, but believes that the island he's landed on is an uncharted planet. He sets up camp and destroys all hopes of the islands inhabitants leading a normal Tiki-life ever again. Blast off!

The upside is now I can go ahead and shop it around. Anyone interested in making an actual cartoon?

Rice and Peas!

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