Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blues Reviews

Here are some reviews of "Yellow Blues". To read the full reviews you can check the links. This first one by Devon Greyson for the Canadian Review of Materials isn't actually as friendly as the excerpt may sound, so I just picked one of the few good parts. You gotta take the good with the bad and vice versa I guess.

"Moore's animation background shines in his spunky main character and whimsical bits of action hidden in the pictures."
-Canadian Review of Materials

"Yellow Blues is funny and imaginative by Vancouver author and illustrator Sean Moore. The cover is inviting and the title is mysterious. The text was very easy to read and some words had special designs which added to the story. This book would be good for a three to eight year old child. I will give Yellow Blues four blue stars." -Kidswwwrite

"Moore, a former character designer for animated television shows, is clearly an accomplished artist. His bold vibrantyl coloured scenes and expressive cartoon personalities have style and visual appeal [...]"
-Quill and Quire

All in all I've been getting some really good feedback from kids to adults. I think the most interesting thing is how the differently the book is interpreted from person to person - be it child to adult, adult to adult or even child to child. Some people seem to relate to Jane and her experience and others well...not so much. All I can ask is that any review is in some way constructive and it can all only help me in the long run. So a sincere thank you to everyone who read it, even those who "Hated it!!", like Ms. G.


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