Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Can't Live Without My CBC Radio One

Another one I meant to post months ago, had to get the audio from CBC though - and there's the fact that i haven't touched the blog since(tee hee!)

On Saturday, Dec. 15, myself and fellow Studio B-ite Chris Mizzoni were interviewed during a live taping of the CBC Radio show North By Northwest hosted by Sheryl MacKay. The show was essentially for the launch of a CD created by CBC Radio for the BC Library program Books for BC Babies. The CD is called "Dances & Dreams" and it showcases BC's finest musicians from around the world, singing children's dance songs and lullabies from their childhoods. Books for BC Babies is a program run by the public libraries that gives all new mothers in BC a book bag with a board book and a CD, as well as library information that encourages the parents to read, play and sing to their babies and toddlers so they develop a life-long love of learning and will do better in school. The show was taped at the main branch of VPL, downtown and this year they decided to introduce some Canadian Children's Authors as part of the program.

I had worked and now again work with Chris at Studio B. His book, "Clancy at the Puck", Chris' first, was published by Raincoast Books as well and released in September 2007. We both did a quick 15 minute interview with the host Sheryl MacKay which included a short reading of an exert from our respective books.

The live taping invited Parents and their children to participate. They got to listen to some live music and Chris and I yapping. Everyone enjoyed the event as a whole and it was a great experience. I messed up a bit on my reading, but overall I was suprisingly comfortable surrounded by microphones and a room full of parents. The interview was nice and laidback. Take a listen if you've got the time.

Go get Chris' book, "Clancy at the Puck" - it's a good one.

Sorry about the name spelling in the video title Sheryl, but you sound great!


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