Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Small Room, Me and Whole Lotta Sales Reps...

Raincoast held a Sales Conference at the Listel Hotel yesterday, here in the Van. This is where they present some of the titles for the upcoming catalog to the Reps from across the country. It's customary for one of the featured authors to be invited to the lunch-in with the Reps before reconveining for the second half of the conference.

This time around I was invited to mingle with the Reps and join in the festivities. Yellow Blues is the lead Children's Picture Book title for the Spring '08 catalog. I got a sneak peak at the catalog cover layout when I went to pick up my advance copy. I was pleasantly suprised by the honor and a little embarassed - that's a lot of pressure. But everyone at Raincoast is fairly confident that Yellow Blues was the right choice and they seem excited in anticipation of the books success. Again, amazing to hear, but whoa!

The lunch itself turned out to be a lot of fun. After i finished sweating in my Air Force Ones(2 perr), everyone in the room was really welcoming and I even got a few laughs. Good food, good people.


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