Friday, September 4, 2009

NOW it's for real!

Doggy Bag is printing as you read!

We've finished all the editorial hoopla (though VERY necessary - word to Tonya), including the jacket and final layout. Now DB is in the hands of the printer. The book is still very much on schedule for the October pub date. Can't wait!

I'm really pleased with the way the book turned out and my new publisher Benjamin Brown Books is the BOMB!

The cover, along with a preview in on the sight. Please feel free to TAKE A PEEK.

Here are some outtakes from Doggy Bag and though he is in some of the outtakes, guess who made the cut again?

A speaking role at that!



Pat Pakula said...

thats awesome Sean! Zeke kicks ass! great work!

Running Up Hills said...

Man, keep reppin for us up and comers out in T-Dot. Your books are beautiful and you blog is even cooler. Love your style man. Keeps me inspired.

Sabrina Alberghetti said...

aww zeke!
beautiful rendition :D