Friday, July 24, 2009

Doggone Done!

I'm back! Finally, I can get outside and get some fresh air-- "Doggy Bag" is done. Just putting the finishing touches on the cover and the end pages and we are ready to roll. The book is still very much on schedule for the October pub date. Here are some images from "Doggy Bag."

This is just a mock cover I did for some promotional materials. The finished cover is completely different. I can post that when it's ready for print.

This spread needed a lot of work before I could finish it. I was able to space things out much better when I started coloring. You'll notice how tight a squeeze it is between some of the bushes and the houses. The foreground elements, though I liked the idea, were a little overbearing. I'm much happier with the finished product.

I haven't posted any images of the star of the show (book), which I would normally do. You'll have to pick up "Doggy Bag" to see him.


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Pat Pakula said...

Damn good work Sean!