Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Month on the Blog....

Hey All,

I know I've kept everyone out of the loop for some time - three months to be exact. I've been working my but off to find and complete some freelance work.

Chirp came a callin' again for me to do a piece in there Oct'09 issue. I'm just finishing up the rough art for that, so keep your eyes peeled.

I also received a surprise call from another member of the Owl family - chickaDEE. They asked me to illustrate a short piece written by comedian Sean Cullen and I gladly obliged. The piece will appear in this month's 30th Birthday issue of chickaDEE.
Here's the cover:

Check your local book shelves ASAP.

I had to get in touch with my fantasy side, but couldn't help but stay true to my other work. Though I did have to compromise when it came to the color palette(which in truth works better for the piece)...You'll see.

I'll post some more artwork once I see that it's out


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