Friday, February 27, 2009

Up Next...

This one doesn't read very well at this stage, but it was fun and I've definitely improved on it since. I think.

This do-diddle (I don't doodle) started as a joke--which in hindsight I probably shouldn't mention considering it was just Zeke and I here when I did it...Anyway, though I was in the middle of working on Curiosity I thought it might be interesting to see what I could come up with for Dave Seville's boys. I'm actually happy with what I came up with--which I don't say too often. Hopefully you like it too.

Eeww! The only reason this drawing is here is to show how much better things got. Trust me!

A is for almost there. Still needs a lil' suin'. I eventually came up with two different Curiosity drawings--I'm deciding which one to finish and post.

Brought to you by the letters "A","S","T" and "C".

I gotta sleep! Peace.

1 comment:

goldenrusset said...

NOICE! ah yes... drawing on paper.. that takes me back.
these make me wanna bring out the ol' colerase and carve into my sketchr!

i like those "alvin and the chipmunks" a lot. that would make a nice remake cartoon.