Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tecumseh 500!

No I have not joined Nascar, or for that matter started watching it either.

Tecumseh Elementary is the school I visited last week for an Author reading. The reading was part of their "Read To Succeed" program, to promote reading awareness at home and to raise money for the “Rinconada del Sol”("Corner of the Sun") community in Lima Peru. I read in front of two separate groups - the Juniors (K - 3) and the Seniors (4 - 6). The groups consisted of 200 and 300 little faces respectively.

It's amazing how much easier it is to read, talk and answer questions in a gym filled with 300 kids than it is in a room of 20 adults. The kids were great and they had some great questions. I think, and hope, that I sparked some interest as far as my profession goes - They truly made me feel like a celebrity. One of the kids even told me that he had a cousin who does exactly what I do.

These events are always the best, especially when the kids participate and are really interested in and appreciative of what's happening.

Thank you to Ms. Wai, the rest of the Tecumseh staff and of course BIG UPS to the students. You guys were my best group EVER! - all 500plus of you.

Considering the subject matter, I hope there aren't any typos in this post...!


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