Monday, October 6, 2008

WOrD Up!

Last last Sunday, Sept. 28th was "Word On The Street" Van-City. There were reps from different publishing houses, magazines and various literary organizations all there to take the VPL hostage for the day.

There was even a stage for readings, performances and some poetry from local poetitians(? - i just made that up, ill right?) You can see all of the tents in these pics and of course Dimiter was holding it down for Simply Read Books - straight hustlin'.

Amongst the madness was a pile of Veggies waiting to be picked! I picked up a board book for myself (something I'm thinking of taking a crack at) along with some freebies from the comic folks in the Word Under The Street room. I did show a some support and purchased a comic from a friend of mine.

I didn't participate this year in any way but it was still cool to go and check it out.


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